Our Journey to a Precious Child (Part 1)

16 Apr

 Proverbs 16:9 says, “In a man’s heart he plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” 

Our second adoption process was a long journey.  I don’t plan on going into all the details of our adoption  but want to share some things that lead us to a HIV adoption and to show God’s amazing Providential Hand in bringing families together.

We started our second adoption in 2007.  After lots of changes started happening with the country we had chosen, we decided to switch to the Ethiopian program.  In November of 2008, I read the book, There is No Me Without You.  It seemed like the thing you did when you adopt from Ethiopia, you read this book.  I read it and was deeply moved and yet at that time never even thought about HIV adoption.

After all the paperwork for Ethiopia and months of waiting, we began to think through whether we should consider a special needs toddler on the waiting child list.  We at first thought through lots of stuff we felt comfortable with… like cleft palate or limb deformities, etc…  but when we talked with our adoption coordinator, she told us the main special needs they see in Ethiopian is children with hepatitis or HIV.  We immediately told them we could not do HIV but started researching about hepatitis. 

AWAA gave us the password to the waiting child list so we started look at it occasionally for a toddler age child.  So one day two cute little children a 2 yr old boy and a 3 yr old girl appeared but they had HIV not hepatitis.   Once again we thought we can’t do HIV, but here were these two precious children.  We began to think about well…why not HIV? 

After a month or so of wrestling over it in our minds and praying and seeking God’s will, my husband said we needed to have closure on this decision and he said we needed to stop considering HIV.  I agreed.  A month later I look on the waiting child’s list again and the two precious HIV toddlers had “file under review.”  I actually felt relieved…like whew!…God had other families for these children…I was off the hook…then I scrolled down and saw a new face…of a sweet little girl…who was also HIV positive.  My stomach dropped.  I felt like God was saying to me….I have families for these other two…but who is going to be her mom?

I showed her picture to my husband later.  I told him I know he said we need to say NO to HIV, but please just look at this little girl.  As soon as he looked at her, he said ok lets really research HIV to see what we are to do.

At that time we began really researching everything about HIV from medicine to insurance and talked with other AWAA families. 

I can’t say as soon as I saw our daughter’s picture I was like…that is my daughter.  I did not feel that way…I was too scared about being called to adopt a HIV child.  But I had total compassion for this little one.  Who was going to be her mom and dad? 

For us we began to ask…Why not us? Why do we think that God would NOT call us to adopt a HIV orphan? 

Why NOT?


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