The Known of Our Unknown

20 Apr

All three of our children have had little to no information given to us about their birthfamilies.  All the unknowns are difficult, but I think the information that is most concerning to me is what I can know to be true about our precious HIV daughter’s birthfamily…either her birthmother and/or birthfather has HIV or AIDS.

Are they already sick with AIDS?  Are they getting medications?  Do they know they have the virus?  Did they know their child had HIV?  Can they find help?  How are they treated?

In the book, There is No You Without Me, I read about how people with HIV were treated in Ethiopia.  I believe there is still widespread ignorance about the HIV virus in Africa.  People don’t want to be tested for fear they will lose their jobs or will get run out of their neighborhood if they have HIV/AIDS.  That book was written in 2006 so I hope and pray things have begun to change in Ethiopia.  

What will I tell our daughter someday about her birthfamily?  I don’t really know how I will completely word things yet.   But I will be able to tell her I  pray for her birthfamily and for Ethiopia.  I will be able to share with her that although her birthfamily was not able to parent her that they loved her and wanted her to get good care.  I will also tell her that God had a purpose and a plan for her life and that include her Ethiopian family and ours. 

Oh, how I wish they could know their daughter was in a family 
Oh, how I wish they could know she is receiving the best medical care.   
Oh, how I wish they could know how much we love her.  
Oh, how I wish we could know them too.

Praying that God gives them peace.


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