The A.R.M.S. Clinic

30 May

In my last post, I shared about why we drive 4 hours to our child’s HIV clinic.  We know a long drive seems unusual but for now, it is working for our family.  They have been sooo worth the drive.  The ARMS clinic has exceeded all of our expectations.  

The A.R.M.S. clinic stands for AIDS Related Medical Services.  They are located in the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, TX.  Dr. Theresa Barton is the medical director of the clinic.  She and her staff have been outstanding.  Between our visits, I have able to email Dr. Barton.  She has been so quick to respond to our questions or concerns.  We have never experienced a doctor’s office that cares this much for their patients and families.

We have visited their office twice in the 5 months we have been home, and will go back in June.  During our visits we meet with several of the staff: Dr. Barton for the exam, a pharmacist to go over any questions or concerns about medications, and last time we were able to meet with a nutritionist to go over some diet/weight gain issues.  Our visits have been about 2 hours long each time. 

The ARMS clinic also has a social worker as part of their team.  During our visits, she checks in with us to see if she can help in any way.  She says that some families need her services more when the HIV child hits the teen years.  She meets with families and gives them any help or support they may need.  The social worker also has monthly support meetings for families, and the clinic hosts and attends two camps each year-one for families and one for teens.  

They have a heart for the HIV child and their families (our local PID doctor’s office did not).   After our experience with our local PID office, the ARMS clinic was a true answer to prayer.   We have been so pleased with their care.  They have been truly amazing.

Want to read more about the ARMS clinic?  Click here.

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