Stigma Alive and Well

16 Jun

This article is so deeply disconcerting I don’t have the words! It is very uncooth to spit at someone. To that man I say Tsk Tsk. But to charge a him with assult with a deadly weapon, i.e. saliva? Well, the Denver Police and DA’s office need to do a FACT CHECK!

If you thought HIV could be transmitted through saliva won’t you PLEASE check out our HIV Basics page.


One Response to “Stigma Alive and Well”

  1. Lisa B June 16, 2010 at 8:13 am #

    Before I clicked the article I thought this was pretty old. It has happened before but I’d have to look up where/when. I was furious!!! And now to find out people STILL have not learned that HIV CANNOT be passed in this way???!!! Outraged! I am so disappointed in people!

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