Signing Time

26 Jun

“There’s singing time & dancing time & laughing time & playing time & now it is our favorite time, Signing Time.” 

Our daughter(2 yrs old) had not learned to speak in Ethiopia so we knew that it would take a while for her English language to develop since she was delayed in her native language.  Our speech pathologist recommended using sign language with her to help with communication and to work on developing her language skills.  She also recommended the Signing Time videos. 

Well, we love them.  We have been checking them out from our library.  Our daughter already uses about 10 signs successfully.  But I think it has helped her so much to be able to communicate her needs to us.  It has also helped her with the overall picture or understanding of communicating.  I had always heard about using sign language with babies but had not thought about using it with our daughter at 2. 

Our speech pathologist said that children work a long time on their receptive language before their expressive language takes off, but sign language is an easier, less intimidating language that they can learn to help transition them to their spoken language.

SO we are BIG fans of Signing Time.  I just wanted to share about our experience with it.  Check out their website Signing Time and Rachel Coleman’s blog, one of the co-creator of Signing Time & mother of two special needs children.


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