Show Hope and “Meant to Be”

11 Sep

We are very grateful to Show Hope.  Shortly after we came home with our daughter, we found out that we had received a grant from Show Hope.  This was a huge blessing to our family.  It came just in time for some large medical bills we had when we first came home.   Show Hope is an amazing orphan ministry.  They recently added a Show Hope Store to their website and I have one of their cute bags.

I also wanted to share this Steven Curtis Chapman video.  “Meant to Be” is the sweetest song.  It is for an upcoming Veggie Tale Movie but shows precious adoptive families in it as well.   I couldn’t help but think about my sweet precious and positive little one in my home as I listened to its lyrics.  She was soooo meant to be a part of our lives and she has blessed us so much.  

Here is the first part of the song….

Long Before You Drew Your First Breath A Dream Was Coming True, God Wanted to Give A Gift To The World So He Wrapped It Up In You.

Every Step That You’ve Taken Every Move That You Make Is Part Of His Plan

You Were Meant To Be Touching The Lives That You Touch And Meant To Be Here Making This World So Much More Than It Would Be Without You In It

You Were Meant To Be Bringing The Gifts That You Bring And Singing The Songs You’ve Been Given To Sing You Are Perfectly, Wonderfully, Beautifully Meant To Be, You Were Meant To Be

I hope you enjoy the song and our family wants to say a big thank you to Show Hope Donors! 


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