Making Weight Progress- more meds

25 Oct

 My two new favorite words are Megace and Reglan.  These new medicines have made an AMAZING difference with our daughter.  She has been on Megace for almost a month and our doctor added Reglan a little over a week ago.  Megace works to increase a person’s appetite and Reglan helps with nausea, reflux, and delayed stomach emptying. 

Reglan is known for some pretty serious side effects.  After finding out that the risk of side effects were low due to a low dose and short duration, we decided to give Reglan a try.  She improved some with just Megace, but we saw a definite improvement with the Reglan added.  We will still need to go to our GI appointment in January to see what he thinks is going on.  But these two medicines have helped her to begin to eat.

Our daughter for nine months would barely eat or drink anything.  Everyone has been a little baffled by her.   She has some sensory issues and oral motor delays which may have contributed to her lack of appetite, but these medicines seemed to have turned everything around.  It is like a switch turned on in her head…like “Oh, I need to eat food.”  She is also drinking more than before.   It has been exciting and amazing at the difference in our little girl.

Since she is eating more, her bite is getting stronger, and her chewing is improving. She had only been eating things that would kind of dissolve in her mouth.   But last week she really began chewing food and even ate some meat.  This has been a huge relief to our family.   Just seeing her really eating is the most wonderful thing…still messy but sooooo wonderful. 

We hope that after she stops these medicines after 3-4 months that she will continue to eat.  It is our prayer that this will jump starts her eating and that no more medical interventions will be necessary.  We will want to rule out any GI problems that have contributed to her problems.  I suspect nausea from her HIV meds are at least partially to blame for her lack of desire to eat.  There is always the possibility that she will stop eating after she is off these medicines.  But for today we are just happy to see her eat.

I don’t know for sure that amount of weight she has put on yet, but we are seeing and feeling visible differences.  Her face looks fuller.  She has a little tummy now.  She feels heavier and more solid.  Our doctor would like her to put on about 5 pounds.  We will see if we get there, but things are definitely looking up for our food issues.  We would really like to help her overcome this obstacle in her life.  We will see if we have turned the corner for good.


2 Responses to “Making Weight Progress- more meds”

  1. Anita October 26, 2010 at 1:37 pm #

    Yea! So happy to hear this! It is an awesome feeling when your little one goes from not eating to eating! Our daughter only had to be on Reglan for a few months. We no longer give it to her regularly, but give her a dose every now and then if we see her starting to back off her eating again. Hoping it is the same for your little one!

  2. Danielle October 26, 2010 at 4:18 pm #

    So happy to hear this. We continue to keep your family in our prayers.
    Doug and Danielle

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