7 Jun

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately.  Life is busy, and we have been battling ringworm in our house for about two months.  It has been “lovely”  just barrels of fun  Our son apparently is fungal prone (doctor’s wording) and got ringworm of the scalp yet again.   (He also had it last spring.)  Yesterday after another trip to his doctor, we picked up his second round of medication. 

What was different this time around was that he “shared” it with others.  My husband, myself, our daughter, and poor ol’ nana all got numerous spots on our neck or arms.  I went to the dermatologist not knowing what mine was at first, and the doctor said that ring worm of the scalp can spread to others on the skin.  It’s the same fungus.

So why am I writing about this here…well everyone in our house got ringworm except… Noel.  I found that amazing.  You would think she would have gotten it too, but she still has not gotten any spots.   It just goes to show that HIV medication does wonders.

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