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Project HOPEFUL – Truth Pandemic

30 Nov

Project HOPEFUL and the Twietmeyer family are amazing!  They are having an incredible week.  Project HOPEFUL is doing so much to promote HIV adoption and end the social stigma associated with HIV.

The Twietmeyer’s are featured in the December 6th issue of People Magazine, which is in stores now.  People magazine dedicated 5 pages to tell their amazing story.  I was so excited to read it and loved the article.  The sweetest part for me was when their daughter with HIV was quoted as saying, “I tell people not to be afraid, they won’t get HIV by hugging me.  Children are dying because people aren’t helping.  They need families like mine.”

If that was not exciting enough, Project HOPEFUL has just reworked their website and launched new programs.  If you have not visited their website recently, please check it out.

They have a World AIDS Day campaign to fight against the stigma of HIV.  From PH website, “The Truth Pandemic Campaign was created to help combat social stigma through ongoing educational initiatives.”  Read about it and watch their 3 min. video and then pass it on to 5 friends so they can learn the facts too.  What better day to educate than tomorrow on World AIDS Day!   Lance and I wrote a small post that was posted on Project HOPEFUL’s blog today.  It was about our own disclosure dilemma.    Please spread the truth! 

Lastly, Carolyn Twietmeyer and her family will be featured tomorrow night on the CBS Evening News in honor of World AIDS Day.   We should all tune in to watch!

Kami, the HIV Muppet

19 Oct

Meet Kami, the HIV muppet on Nigeria’s “Sesame Street”.

I think she is sooo cute.

Read more about this story on CNN.

The Aids Beacon

30 Jul

I found a “new to me” website, The Aids Beacon, independent up-to-date news and information for AIDS patients and their families.  I thought this post on HIV adoption was very thorough and helpful for anyone considering a HIV adoption.  It also listed some grant programs that I was not familiar with.  It’s an interesting website with lots of medical news. You should also check out their resources and links pages.