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Life with a Pump

28 Mar

We are now using a feeding pump with Noel.  It has helped some (we are getting a little more formula into her without her throwing up), but it has not solved all our GI problems.  We have an appointment with our GI doctor next week to see what else he thinks is going on.  We believe there is a stomach emptying problem.  It might mean another medication.

Also a  few weeks ago Noel was switched to a different feeding formula.  It is called Peptamen, Junior 1.5.  It has 375 calories and part of it is already broken down for her.  She is getting about 16 oz of Peptamen a day.  She gained almost a pound last month. 

For now she is wearing the pump in a feeding pump backpack  for about an hour 3 times a day, but we are supposed to switch to night feedings when we can.  We are concerned about feeding her at night because she is a pretty active sleeper.  We think she will just get all tangled up in the tube.  We also don’t see how she will fall asleep attached to the pump because the only way she sleeps is on her stomach.  The pump beeps when something has blocked the flow.  She is getting more used to the alarm, but it kind of freaks her out a little bit.  We are worried that the alarm will go off at night and scare her and us half to death.  Lance and I really like to sleep, and I think there will be a huge learning curve to the feeding pump at night with Noel.  We are going to have to work towards it though so that we could feed her at night and then during the day she might start eating again. 

Her HIV is easy to manage, but these feeding issues are challenging!