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Our Child’s Daily Meds

8 May

Taking medication is one of the things I want to write more about later.  In the meantime here is a glance of what our daughter’s meds look like. 

Our daughter takes 3 liquid medications twice a day.  She takes 9 ml of Viramune, 4 ml of Epivir, and 9 ml of Zidovudine (generic for Retrovir).   She started taking these medications at 12 months of age when she was in an Ethiopian Orphanage.  Our U.S. doctor has kept her on these medications because they are working great.  Her HIV levels are undetectable.  Our doctor says these liquid HIV medications are prescribed the most because they are a little better tasting than others.

On our insurance plan the two name brands are $35 each and the generic is $15 for a total of $85 a month.  Some states give help with HIV medications through the Ryan White Program.  Each state’s program is different.  In our state, the program helps with lab work, doctor’s visits, and medications for families who qualify based on their income.

At first, $85 sounded like a lot per month.  Can we do that?  Then I remembered that’s around what we spend on cell phones per month.  It’s all a matter of perspective.  It’s all a matter of priorities.  If need be, we can live without cell phones (and a lot of other secondary things).  Our daughter can’t live without meds.