Living easy with HIV

23 Sep

I must echo the same message that HIV has not been a big deal to our family at all!!  Our daughter just started kindergarten this fall.  I told the school district, principal, nurse, and teacher.  They have welcomed Olivia with open arms and have told us how happy they are to have her in their school.  Our church, friends, and family have reacted the same way.  We were ready for people to reject her because of her HIV status.  I think it makes everyone who KNOWS when they meet her- LOVE HER MORE.  They know what a special miracle she is.  Her teacher said that Olivia is one of the brightest students in her kindergarten class.  Imagine that…after only living in America 6 mths!

We don’t think about her having HIV on a daily basis, since her blood is still in a healthy range,  not requiring medication.  We had a incident at our home last week where she got hit in the nose while on the trampoline.  Her face and dress were covered in blood by the time I got there.  Without gloves, I carefully lifted her off the trampoline and took her into the house.  Did I get blood on my hands?  Yes.  Am I concerned that there’s a possibility that I might have gotten infected.  Not a chance!  (read earlier posts on how this is transmitted)

We are having the time of our lives with our two daughters from Ethiopia.  We’re so thankful that we educated ourselves and realized that it’s not a big deal to adopt a precious HIV child!

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