If I Had HIV

1 Dec

If I had HIV or AIDS
would you accept me
talk to me
shake my hand
come to my house
sit next to me in church
eat at the same restaurant
use the same restroom
ride on the same bus
type on the same keyboard
swim in the same pool
work in the same office
attend the same school
because you are afraid
of getting the disease
or think I deserve the disease?

Then you are ignorant
about the truth
about the facts
about me. 

I do not have HIV or AIDS
but my daughter does.
She got it from her birth mother
who got it from a man who lied to her
or who raped her.
With medicine she can live
a long and happy life
go to the playground
go to school
get a job
get married
have children
and put no one at risk.

If you knew she had HIV
would you hug her
hold her hand
change her diaper
teach her in Sunday School
let your children play with her
come to her birthday parties
accept her as you would me?

Don’t be ignorant.

One Response to “If I Had HIV”

  1. one thankfulmom December 3, 2010 at 7:44 pm #

    Thank you for sharing this.


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